Israel, a Country I love!

André Dan, Israel International Expert

Innovation: Israel, the incredible Startup Nation

1995-1996: I was Director, Corporate & International Marketing of an Israeli company listed in the Nasdaq

1997-2002: I was President of the High Tech Commission of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France-israel

Since 2009, I’ve brought over 500 Professionals to Israel from Europe

My conferences and business trips help:

  1. Open Innovation Leaders, from big companies (like my clients Bouygues, Danone, La Poste…)
  2. Investors: Venture Capitalists and Business Angels, Banks and Corporate Ventures
  3. Entrepreneurs CEO or International Strategists
  4. Political Leaders involved in their territory Economic and Innovation Ecosystem Strategy
  5. Institutions Leaders
  6. Positive curious people


  • Discover a new Ecosystem, another Business and Technology Culture
  • Meet interesting people, learn, connect…
  • Find ideas, investments opportunities, partnerships opportunities, providers…

With Yossi Dan, my Brother, who lives in Israel and is on of the Actors of the Innovation Ecosystem.

We help Open Innovation happen between Big International Companies and Israeli Startups.

Politics: Israel’s Challenges inside, and outside in the World

Since 1975, I’ve done hundreds of conferences and debates on Israel politics

My conferences and debates help:

  1. Understand the current internal realities
  2. Understand the historic scenarios of resolution of the conflicts between Israel and its neighbors
  3. Think together about the future of the country

More frequent subjects

  • Israel political structure
  • Zionism: birth, present and future
  • Israel current major political challenges, and the internal key political actors + International Relationships
  • Social, religious, economic and political key current actors of Israel

History: from Abraham to Herzl, and till today

Since 1975, I’ve done hundreds of conferences and debates on Israel history

My conferences and debates help:

  1. Understand the Past and the Present
  2. Know the key Hebrew, Jewish and Israeli characters, and their Leadership stature
  3. Think together about the future of Israel

More frequent subjects

  • Key historic facts from Abraham the Hebrew (Alliance 3800 years ago), to current Israeli Prime Minister
  • Judaism: Torah, Talmud, Kabbalah
  • Modern Israel since political Zionism (Theodor Herzl 140 years ago)
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