Choose André Dan, the (e)Speaker Who Inspires You and Makes You Act

I act as SpeakerProfessional Lecturer

in (e)Conference, (e)Keynote, (e)Training, (e)MasterClass, Interactive Workshop, (e)Brainstorming to think and decide

to offer you a cutting edge content, in a personalized approach.

Ask me openly what topics you are interested in.

Either I master, or I put you in direct contact with an Expert who I trust.

Your internal, external or mixed audience will retain the key points of my intervention thanks to a dynamic and motivating approach. I make myself available for a question-and-answer period at the end of my conferences. In this way, I facilitate and enhance the human exchange to satisfy and open the chakras of the participants.

Here is what some of the clients for whom I had the pleasure to be as Speaker say

André Dan brought us new life! He first worked with the CoDir, then with the communications team, and with the marketing and sales teams.

The personalized training he gave us on LinkedIn and Twitter allowed us to significantly develop our digital influence.

Agnès Béhar

Director of Human Resources and Communication, Canon Medical Systems

André Dan inspired us, and opened up prospects for progress in Networking and Business to become more successful professionals.

In front of several hundred African women, on several occasions, in Paris and in Africa (Abidjan, Kinshasa and Casablanca), André always has a useful contribution, and appreciated by all our participants.

Patricia Secke

President, Africa Performing Women

Expertise, vivacity, enthusiasm, and beyond that, a great sense of commitment.

André Dan is a great professional speaker, and, icing on the cake, an exceptional Human Being.

To the best of my mind!

Karine Berthier

Leader, ESCAL Consulting

To facilitate our work

Calling on me also means the flexibility of accessing a conference in French or English!

  • You give me the place and times of intervention over an hour, a day or several days (course, successively or in rhythm).
  • You give me the logistical details: location> practical information to get there; room> use of slides or not, Internet access, etc.
  • You tell me the type of audience so that I can adapt to it,
  • Above all, you tell me what your strategic objectives are (your organization’s mission, your responsibilities), and the specific objectives of this conference,
  • I openly communicate the financial conditions of my service to you, and we validate your order,
  • We keep in touch regularly so that my intervention corresponds as well as possible to your request.
  • At the end of my speech, I make the presentation I made available in PDF format.

Do you want to organize a conference during a trade fair, colloquium, convention, team building for your team, company or association?

Contact me before your event. I will then notify you by email of an initial meeting date, in order to craft your ideal conference in an open and constructive exchange.

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